lhasa apso

About kennel

Passion and love for dogs I inherited from my father.

In my childhood I had companions Żabcia and mix breed Misiu. Later on as a friend I had Belgian Shepherd and Polish Tatra Sheepdog. Real challenge so far was my next companion Rottweiler Macho.

When I realise that I have to say my last goodbye I started to search for my new friend as I couldn’t imagine anything different.

And this way I came across amazing kennel in Rzeszow “Mały Budda“ breeder Barbara Dlugosz. From this kennel I bought my first Lhasa Apso boy Hogger. Beautiful dog very intelligent and clever proper family dog absolutely adore children.

When I bought him I never thought that this will be the start to my adventure with shows, however Hogger was a such eye catching dog and everyone was convincing me to show him to the world so I did. I’m very happy and proud from my decision as Hogger has been appreciated.

When I was buying Hogger I did not really understand his breeder Barbara words warning me that this breed is very catching and usually if you have one straight away you want another one. Now I know she was wright.

At this moment I’m a proud owner of another Lhasa Apso - girl Karishma from Maltapso kennel.

Dogs of this breed completely overtook my heart and soul and together with my husband we made the decision to become the breeders of this amazing dogs they are a part of our family.

This is a part of my story with Lhasa Apso breed. My goal is for all my dogs to be special and unique from the best blood lines from all over the world. My aim is best quality.



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